Registration & Credentials

AnimeNEXT welcomes members of the press to our annual convention. Thank you for your interest in covering AnimeNEXT 2019.

Below you will find much of the information you need to apply for a press badge at the convention. Please read this page carefully before applying.

AnimeNEXT 2019 Press Credentials

AnimeNEXT press applicants must apply to receive press credentials. Press credentials are granted based on the following information:

  • Examples of previous AnimeNEXT press coverage or coverage of similar events
  • Planned coverage of AnimeNEXT 2019
  • Valid press pass (if applicable) and photo I.D.
  • Other information as requested by AnimeNEXT Press Relations staff

Only up to two (2) complimentary press badges will be provided to each approved media organization to attend the convention. Extra press badges will strictly only be provided to outlets that provide a sufficient explanation and need for more press badges. All press badges are complementary and must be obtained through the Press Registration process.

Prior approval for an AnimeNEXT press badge in a past year does not guarantee credentials for 2019.

Absolutely no press registration is granted at the convention. Registrations at the door can only be made under extremely exceptional circumstances by the Press Director.

AnimeNEXT does not provide press passes to cosplay photographers or online photo galleries.

The deadline to apply for press credentials is May 31, 2019. Please make sure to apply before that date. The press department will be very busy scheduling interviews and other press duties after that date. Please make sure to apply for your press badge before the deadline.

There will be NO on-site press registration.

Press Credentials: Privileges and Limitations

Press passes provide the following privileges:

  • Access to press-only rooms, such as special press interview rooms, at designated interview times.
  • Access to press releases, press briefings, and communications from Press Relations about planned press events.
  • Entrance to press conferences at designated times with guests, subject to space and time availability.
  • Access to press-only seating when provided at AnimeNEXT events, subject to space availability and other restrictions.
  • The ability to schedule guest interviews through AnimeNEXT Press Relations staff, subject to guest availability.

Press credentials are subject to the following limitations:

  • Registered members of Press must obey all AnimeNEXT policies.
  • Press credentials are non transferable. You may not loan your press badge to anyone else. Loaning of press badges to others may result in withdrawal of press privileges and press badges, and expulsion from the convention.
  • Registered members of Press must arrange for and pay for their own travel, accommodations, and food.

Failure to comply with press policies and AnimeNEXT policies may result in withdrawal of press privileges and of press badge(s). Revocation of press privileges are recorded for historical purposes, and are considered in the granting of future year’s convention press badges.

Click here to apply for AnimeNEXT 2019 press credentials