Cosplay Repair Room Rules & Information

Cosplay Repair Room – Hours of Operation

6/7/19, Friday

10AM – 8PM

6/8/19, Saturday

10AM – 8PM

6/9/19, Sunday

10AM – 2PM

Cosplay Repair is back with longer hours, fully staffed and restocked to help you solve your wardrobe malfunctions!

Minae sewing plush with Gamna

Over the years we’ve sewn up split seams; stitched rogue buttons back in place; fixed hems that had been stepped on; and repaired jewelry, props, plush dolls, and fur suits!

We’re fully equipped with changing room and supplies like glue, thread, sewing machines, and wig styling supplies to help you repair your costume, wig, armor, and props! But with great power comes great responsibility, so we have a few rules for you to follow so we can keep things going in the Cosplay Repair room:

  • No paint of any kind, including air brush, spray paint, or body paint, can be used in the room.
  • If you aren’t using the tools or waiting your turn, please wait in the hall. If you’re looking for a place to relax, there’s a lounge area on the first floor.
  • Please be very careful with hot glue guns, sharp needles and scissors. (Don’t become a statistic for our EMTs!)
  • Please return tools to staff when you’re finished.
  • Unfortunately we don’t have the space to create costumes from scratch, and there is a 30-minute limit at the stations / sewing machines so everyone can get a chance to repair their gear.
  • We cannot store costumes / props / luggage in the repair room.
  • Please throw your trash out!
  • Please respect yourself and others; personal hygiene is a must!

Remember, you can’t high kick in slacks, but if you do, come see us in Cosplay Repair!