Video Gaming – United Gaming League Tournaments

AnimeNEXT would like to extend its welcome our new gaming tournament hosts United Gaming League (UGL). With the stream production, event staffing, and gaming setups for both consoles and PCs being provided, The United Gaming League’s professional staff will play an integral part in leveling up AnimeNEXT’s game room.  For more information about this organization be sure to check out their website at

Gamers, whether it be a casual or even a professional gamer, are inherently drawn to not only playing against top-level competition but also be able to replay it from a crisp stream. Those two tenants led to the creation of the United Gaming League (UGL): an esports organization that uniquely specializes in not only supplying the hype with our supply of consoles, PCs, and broadcasting equipment but also providing the hype via our lineup of shoutcasters, social media personalities, and/or competitive gamers. Our goal is to provide a place where even the smallest of communities will have representation at our events since we are at the end of the day we’re all gamers. #UnitedWeGame

AnimeNEXT Schedule
Time Stream Side
Noon Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 (PS4) Pokken Tournament DX (Switch)
3PM Gundam Versus – 2 vs 2 (PS4) Injustice 2 (PS4)
6PM Blaz Blue Cross Tag Battle (PS4) Mario Kart DX (Switch)
9PM Smash Bros. 4 (Wii U) Marvel vs Capcom Infinite (PS4)
Noon Street Fighter V Arcade Edition (PS4) Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code (PC)
3PM Dissidia Final Fantasy NT – 3 vs 3 (PS4) Under Night in Birth Exe Late [st] (PS4)
6PM Tekken 7 (PS4) Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Ignition (PS4)
9PM DragonBall FighterZ (PS4) King of Fighters XIV (PC)


Thanks to the following companies that provided prize support for our tournaments!