Indie Boardwalk FAQ

General Info

Located within our 30,000 sq ft. Video Gaming Hall, Indie Boardwalk is an area meant to showcase Indie developers’ games for attendees to play. EVERYONE who has an AnimeNEXT badge will have access to the Indie Boardwalk.

  1. Applications open Tuesday March 6th, 2018 at 7:00 PM EST and will remain open until all allotted space is sold.
  2. Space is a 10’x10′ booth with ONE six (6) foot table, four (4) chairs, and electricity.
  3. Booths are $300 and include TWO Indie Exhibitor badges per space.
  4. Additional badges must be purchased separately.

What are the hours of the Indie Boardwalk?

Located within our Video Gaming Hall, the Indie Boardwalk has the following hours:

  • Friday & Saturday: 10am to 2am
  • Sunday: 10am to 3pm

Since Indie Boardwalk will be located in a specific area of the room, we do not expect Indie booths to operate at the same extensive hours. To maximize traffic to your booth, it is suggested to have someone at your booth Friday & Saturday until to 8pm and the entire day Sunday. If you are unable to open with the Video Gaming Hall, let the Video Gaming Hall staff know ahead of time.

When you close your booth for the day, break down and secure your table of anything of value. (ie. bring valuable equipment back with you and/or cover equipment to be left overnight with a drape). Even though we will have security roaming the room, we will not be responsible for lost or stolen items, so please make sure you bring your valuables with you.

On the Letter of Intent, please indicate whether or not you will plan on having booth hours longer than the suggest time as this will affect your placement.

How do I purchase an Indie Boardwalk booth?

Purchasing a booth at Indie Boardwalk is a two step process all done online.

  1. Register for Indie Boardwalk by filling out the Letter of Intent. The Letter of Intent (LoI) is an Online Form which is only available online starting from February 21st until all allotted space is filled. The link to the LoI will appear on the front page of the website when it becomes available. Letters of Intent that are submitted early will be ignored. Booths for Indie Boardwalk are sold based on time of submission and initial application review by staff. This method is also used if a wait list (Reserve List) begins once all booth are reserved.
  2. Final Application and Paying for your Booth. If you get a booth, you will receive an e-mail notice that includes a link and password to the EventBrite Payment & Application page. You will be given five (5) days in which to fill out and pay for your booth. Should you not make your payment within the deadline, you will forfeit your space and be moved to the end of the Reserve List.

Once Indie Boardwalk is full, an e-mail is sent out to the remaining artists on the Reserve List. Should any space open up, artists on the Reserve List are notified and given 48 hours to accept or decline the space.

How do I Check In to Indie Boardwalk and what happens if I do not?

Check in is fast and easy, and required for all Indie developers before they can set up their booths.

On Thursday, proceed to the Indie Boardwalk booth outside Registration where you can pick up both your Indie Exhibitor Badge and check into Indie Boardwalk. Then proceed to the Indie Boardwalk area in Hall C and staff will help you locate your table and show you where the load in area is.

On Friday up until noon go to the Indie Boardwalk staff booth located inside the entrance to Hall C. Upon check-in, staff will help you find your table and show you where the load in area is.

If you DO NOT Check In by the specified time on Friday, you forfeit your table and it will be available to be sold to another developer. You will NOT get a Refund. If you have gone to your booth and set up without checking in, you will be asked to leave so the new renters can take possession of the table.

How old do I have to be to register for an Indie Boardwalk booth?

You must be at least 18 years old by the check in date, either Thursday or Friday of the convention.

How much does it cost to register for a booth?

$300 per 10’x10′ sized booth.

How many booths can I rent?

You can rent one (1) 10’x10′ for $300, two (2) (10’x20′) for $600, or four (20’x20′) for $1,200 based on our current layout. Any request to rent more than one (1) 10’x10′ space will be reviewed to ensure that the larger space will be properly utilized.

What is included with a booth purchase?

All booth spaces are divided by 3′ tall pipe and drape barriers. If for any reason two (2) or more developers would like to share their space the barrier can be removed on request by both parties.

The following is included by default for each booth purchase:

  • Convention Registrations: Two (2)
  • Tables: One (1) 6-foot table.
  • Chairs: Four (4) chairs.
  • Electricity: One (1) outlet will be provided. Bring appropriate surge protectors and extension cords as necessary.

Other requests within the space can be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and cannot be guaranteed. Additional fees may be required for such requests.

Can I purchase WIFI / Internet?

Currently WIFI / Internet is not available but may be provided at a later date.

Can I purchase extra Indie Boardwalk Exhibitor badge registrations?

Yes, they can be purchased at a special rate of $55.00 each (up to two (2) additional badges).

Can I purchase my extra Indie Boardwalk Exhibitor badge registrations at the same time I purchase my Indie Boardwalk booth?

Yes, you can pay for both at the same time.

Can I still get the special rate for an Indie Exhibitor Badge after I’ve paid for my table?

No, you cannot get the special rate once you have filled out and paid for your booth. You get ONE CHANCE to buy Indie Exhibitor badges at the special rate, and that is when you purchase your table. Otherwise, you would have to purchase a Indie Exhibitor Badge at the current convention’s regular badge preregistration rate.

If I am not coming for the whole weekend can I still get a booth?

No, booths are sold on a weekend basis, not per day. If you do not check in by specified time on Friday, then you forfeit your booth without refund. And it can be sold to someone on the waiting list.

Can more than one group/developer sign up for a booth?

More than one (1) group/developer can sign up for a booth, but keep in mind there will not be additional equipment provided at the booth (i.e. extra tables, chairs, etc.) . Please indicate if the booth will contain more than one (1) group so they can be listed individually in the program guide.

Can I leave my things at my booth when I leave for the evening?

We suggest when you close your booth for the day, break down and secure your table for anything of value. (ie. bring valuable equipment back with you and/or cover equipment to be left overnight with a drape). Even though we will have security roaming the room until the Video Gaming Hall closes, we will not be responsible for lost or stolen items, so please make sure you bring your valuables with you.

If I leave something in the Video Gaming Hall, will I be able to access it after the room is closed?

No! Once the Video Gaming Hall has been locked for the night, no-one, staff or otherwise is allowed inside. Please make sure to take any personal items with you once you leave for the evening.

What if a developer I am sharing a booth with breaks a rule? And is asked to leave?

If the booth has been purchased by multiple groups/developers, then EVERYONE in the booth will be impacted by any rule breaking. The person who purchased the table for the group is also the spokesperson for the group, so if you decided to share your booth, you must make sure that your boothmates are following the rules. If the booth must be closed, then everyone must pack up and leave. Please remember that any developers who make arrangements to share booths are unable to be punished separately. In other words, whoever bought the booth, is responsible for the actions of the entire booth.

What is an Indie Exhibitor badge, and how do I get one?

An Indie Exhibitor Badge is a version of the normal Attendee badge given to developers in order to have access to the Video Gaming Hall during set up and closing times. By default, you will receive two (2) badges when you check into Indie Boardwalk. Please remember to request the full number of badges you will need for your booth when you are filling out your registration form. This badge acts as your badge for the full convention as well as Indie Boardwalk.

If I have an Indie Exhibitor Badge, do I still need a regular Convention Badge/membership?

The Indie Exhibitor badge serves as your badge for the full convention. (see previous entry) . This is a special price con badge and in the event that you get a normal badge before you check in you may switch it out for the physical Indie Exhibitor badge. If you miss your opportunity to get it at the special price you must pay the normal rate for the weekend badge.

What size are the Indie Boardwalk tables?

The tables are approximately 6 ft. long by 30 inches wide.

Is there a height or other limits on displays or table set-ups?

There is a height limit of 10 ft off the floor for displays (the height of the table is included in this). All table set-ups/displays must be sturdy and only occupy your own space. Free standing displays are allowed to be set up in front or to the side of a table within your allotted 10’x10′ area. Displays are to presented in a way that they does not interfere with the other developers around you. If a display falls down, or is deemed by Con staff to be unsafe, you will be asked to take it down.

Will developers have time to set up and break down their booths?

Developers will be provided with set up time on Thursday, as well as an hour each morning and evening to set up and break down. Please remember that only those with Indie Boardwalk Exhibitor badges will be allowed in the Video Game Hall during these times. The only exceptions are set up Thursday and breakdown Sunday, as family or friends without badges may help you during those times but must be accompanied by someone with a badge when entering the hall.

I have friends at Indie Boardwalk— can my booth be next to theirs?

Booth location requests to be next to each other can be made on the final form when you pay for your table. Please keep in mind that the location request must come from both developers.

Can I sell food at my booth?

No food can be sold at the Indie Boardwalk booths.

Can I have a raffle at my booth?

Raffles are not allowed at the convention.