Dealers Room

Dealers Room Application for submissions is now closed.

Submissions closed on: Monday, April 1, 2019 @ 11:59am EST

Below you’ll find our current contract language for vendors who wish to reserve a booth in the AnimeNEXT Dealers Room. Last updated: April 3, 2019

Updates to Contract, Effective 2019:

  • Explicit Materials Policy – with rider attached for additional signature
  • Weapons Sales Policy – with rider attached for additional signature
  • Mystery Box Policy
  • Trademark/Copyright Policy
  • Refund/Cancellation Policy
  • Reselling/Subletting Policy

Application and Registration Information

All dealers are required to submit a link to a website, social media account, or gallery with clear and unaltered images of their products and, if applicable, previous show set-ups. Applications that do not provide a link with images will be automatically rejected.

Dealers Room Booths

The Dealers Room for AnimeNEXT 2019 will be in Hall B of the Atlantic City Convention Center. The dates for AnimeNEXT 2019 will be June 8-10, 2019. Each booth space is at least ten (10) feet by ten (10) feet and includes the following:

  • One (1) 6 ft table with tablecloth
  • One (1) wastebasket
  • Two (2) chairs
  • 8 ft high back drape
  • 3 ft high side rail per dealer area
  • *One (1) exhibitor sign card per dealer

Booths will be assigned with preference given to dealers from AnimeNEXT 2018. This offer and contract is valid until April 30, 2019. By this date, all Dealers must pay a 50% down-payment at minimum and this contract must be signed. If your contract and deposit have not been received by that date, your space will be revoked and reopen to other Dealers. This excludes late acceptances: For dealers accepted after April 30, your deadline dates will be provided directly by the Dealers Room Coordinator.

We will try our best to accommodate your location preference; however, we reserve the right to have final say on all placements.

Corner locations will be available for an additional $150 and a full end-cap location (two adjacent corners) will be available for $250. Dealers are required to purchase at least two (2) inline booths to be eligible to purchase one (1) corner location. End-caps require four (4) inline booths.

Each dealer will receive two (2) badges for their first booth and one (1) badge per each additional booth. Additional exhibitor badges can be purchased for $40 each. Each individual person working at your table is required to have their own badge, badges are not transferable. If a dealer abuses their badge privileges or uses one badge for multiple people, it will be confiscated and no refund will be issued. A new badge will need to be purchased to replace it.

Booth Rates

Booth rates this year are as follows:

Per booth space: $650
Corner Location: $150
End Cap Location: $250

No applications will be accepted after May 1st, except for special circumstances.

Reservations / Payment / Contact

Applications for our Dealers Room will be available on our website, Once your application is received, our Dealers Room Coordinator will contact those accepted with information on next steps. You will have fifteen (15) days to make a down-payment once you receive your invoice before your space is revoked. If less than half-down is received within that time it will be returned minus a $50 processing fee. Any payments made before acceptance into the room will be returned minus a $50 processing fee.

Any payments made by check must be made out to “Universal Animation, Inc.” and must be postmarked within the fifteen (15) day payment period. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Dealers Room Coordinator via email ( or at the address below. Email is the preferred method of contact.

Universal Animation, Inc.
43 Skyview Terrace, Clifton NJ 07013

Refund / Cancellation Policy – Updated 2019

Should dealers find they cannot attend AnimeNEXT 2019, or need to reduce the number of booths purchased, they may cancel booths by contacting the Dealers Room Coordinator to make arrangements. Dealers should also cancel any services they have ordered through Metropolitan Exposition Services, or other service providers.

Dealers will receive a full refund of booth fees minus a $50 service charge for booths cancelled before May 1, 2019. Starting May 1, Dealers will receive a half-refund, minus the $50 processing fee.

  • After June 1, 2019, there will be no refund for cancelled booths. Please allow four to six weeks for Universal Animation, Inc. to process a refund check.
  • Dealers who cancel give up any claim to the cancelled booths and reservation; booths are returned to the pool of available space at the standard booth price.
  • For returning dealers only: If preferred, Dealers may roll-over their registration to next year instead of getting a refund (no processing fee).

Reselling/Subletting of Booths – Updated 2019

Dealers may not sell or sublet their booths. Doing so will result in removal from the dealer roster for that year and your booth fee will not be refunded. Returning dealers who attempt to sell or sublet booths will have to reapply in future years. Exceptions to this rule can be given on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the Dealers Room Coordinator.

Last-Minute Registration

Dealers who sign up or pay less than two weeks before the convention must be aware of the following:

  • Changes to the original prices may apply.
  • The dealer must pay online with card through Square, or at-con with cash or card. We will not accept checks.
    • Proof of acquisition of Tax ID must be provided to AnimeNEXT within that 30 day period.
    • Failure to provide proof of acquisition will result in a 1 year ban from the convention.The dealer must obtain a New Jersey State Tax ID no more than 30 days after AnimeNEXT 2019 has ended.
  • The dealer will be assigned space based upon availability and at the discretion of the Dealers Room Coordinator.

Dealer Memberships

Two badges will be given out for your first table reserved and you will receive one additional badge for each additional table reserved. For example, if you have four tables reserved, you will receive two for the first table and one badge each for the remaining three. This would give you a total of five badges.

  • Dealers badges must be worn at all times by any person working at a booth.
  • Badges may not be sold, loaned, or otherwise transferred to persons who are not working for you.
  • Individual Dealers Room badges may not be shared among employees; the practice of using one badge shared among multiple employees is prohibited and could result in the confiscation of badges.

Every individual working your booth(s) must wear a badge at all times while inside the convention center. If you are with a production house, animation/comic studio, or other part of the industry and wish to have more badges for your industry (i.e. non-retail) personnel, please contact our Dealers Room Coordinator (

Merchandise Policies

Explicit Materials Policy – Updated for 2019

In recent years, there has been a marked increase in the number of minors and families attending anime conventions, including AnimeNEXT. We ask that dealers, particularly those with adult merchandise, please keep this in mind when setting up. We have updated the policy as of October 2018:

  • You must inform the Dealers Room Coordinator of your intent to sell explicit material by check-in before the convention. Any dealer who is found selling explicit material who has not previously informed us of intent to sell explicit material will be asked to remove the material from the convention.
  • Dealers who are selling explicit materials are subject to periodic inspections at the Dealers Room Coordinator’s (DRC’s) discretion to confirm policy abidance. The DRC has complete authority to request the removal of any explicit item.
  • Under no circumstances may adult material be visible to the general public at the con at any point in time. It must be sectioned off from the rest of your booth. This section must be opaquely covered and completely enclosed from the outside. All covering must be approved by the DRC before a dealer is permitted to sell explicit material.
  • You must clearly display signage dictating that within the closed off area is explicit material, that no one under the age of 18 can view or enter the area, and that proof of ID is required to enter.
  • All attendees who ask to view explicit material must provide valid ID with proof of age. Under no circumstances, (this includes how old they look) can you allow attendees to view material without proof of age. It is the dealer’s responsibility to enforce this rule.
  • If it is brought to our attention that a dealer is not adhering to policy the dealer will be subject to action at the discretion of the Dealers Room Coordinator. Actions include but are not limited to:
    • A dealer may be requested to provide more substantial covering.
    • The DRC may request that a dealer remove some or all explicit material at any time.
    • Failure to comply with directives from the DRC regarding explicit material will result in the immediate ejection of the dealer from the convention without refund and the dealer will be banned from working with us for 1 year and will have to re-apply to sell with us again.
  • Prohibited items include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • Pornographic images that do not fall under the umbrella of hentai — i.e., pornographic pictures of real women.
    • Real-life sexual objects / sex toys.

Weapons Sales Policy – Updated for 2019

While AnimeNEXT does not prohibit weapons sales, attendees are prohibited from carrying items such as swords. We do ask that dealers selling them take extra care in the design and positioning of their displays and packaging to ensure there is no mishandling of merchandise.

  • All steel and polycarbonate weapons must either be behind the table out of reach from attendees or in hard glass or plastic display cases on the table. Under no circumstances are they to be left on the table.
  • Following the purchase of a weapon, the weapon must be packaged in their original boxes and completely sealed with industrial packing tape or duct tape.
  • New for 2019, weapons dealers must wrap the sealed weapon box/container once all the way around with a distinct colored tape to identify the dealer who sold it.
  • Once the weapon is purchased and properly sealed, Dealers must instruct the attendee to remove the weapon from the convention center immediately.
    • Dealers will be required to post visible signage at their booth that states this policy.
    • Please inform Dealers Room or Con Safety staff immediately if you see attendees not following this policy.
  • The Dealers Room Coordinator or the Con Safety Coordinator have the right to request items be removed from sale if there is an apparent danger to attendees, dealers, or merchandise.
  • The following weapons are not permitted for sale in New Jersey:
    • Guns, air rifles, BB guns
    • Switchblades, gravity knives, dirks, daggers, and stilettos
    • Throwing projectiles: Kunai and other throwing knives, shuriken, pointed spinners (including pointed “fidget spinners”)

Failure to comply with the Weapons Sales Policy will result in ejection from the Dealers Room, loss of privileges without refund, and a 2-year ban from selling with AnimeNEXT. There are no exceptions.

Mystery Box Policy – New for 2019

As of 2019, we are adding new regulations for Mystery Box sellers to ensure the authenticity and legality of items sold.

  • Dealers must be able to provide proof of authenticity for all items sold if requested by the Dealers Room Staff or Convention Attorney.
  • One sample of a possible mystery box must be provided for a member of the Dealers Room staff and the Convention Attorney to inspect.

Copyright / Trademark Policy – Updated for 2019

The Dealer is liable for the items brought for sale at AnimeNEXT. Any questions regarding this policy will be resolved by the Dealers Room Coordinator, in consultation with Universal Animation Executive staff and/or Legal counsel when needed. If a piece of art or other merchandise appears to be very similar to a licensed, copyrighted, or official piece of art or is produced by a known or suspected bootleg or counterfeit company, the Dealer may be asked to remove it from display and sale at the discretion of the Dealers Room Coordinator. The Dealers Room Coordinator’s decision is final.

When displaying fan art, Dealers must not infringe or use the source’s trademarks. This includes but is not limited to avoiding things such as use of logos in their display, signage referring to the artwork by its series or signage referring to the character’s name.

If you are the holder of a copyright, trademark, or license and feel like a Dealer is infringing on your rights please contact our Dealers Room Coordinator with any appropriate paperwork for your copyright, trademark or license. Please do not approach a Dealer without first contacting our Coordinator.

Any products containing a protected license created by the copyright or trademark holder, under commission of the copyright or trademark holder, or within the terms of a license agreement will be considered original product. If your merchandise fall under one of these categories please be sure to have copies of all appropriate paperwork on hand.

Dealer represents and warrants that it has the right to sell all items brought for sale at AnimeNEXT, and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless United Animation, Inc.; AnimeNEXT; and the AnimeNEXT staff and volunteers from any and all claims resulting from the Dealer’s sale of goods in the Dealers Room.

Bootleg / Piracy Policy – Updated for 2019

AnimeNEXT has a zero tolerance policy on bootlegs. AnimeNEXT does not allow the sale of bootleg merchandise such as (but not limited to):

  • Burned CDs/DVDs
  • Flash drives
  • Memory devices containing pre-recorded data
  • Music or video CD/DVDs that are manufactured outside the US without legitimate copyright
  • Unofficial plushies
  • Knockoff figurines and model kits

AnimeNEXT does not allow the advertising of bootleg or knockoff products/services, and “shuttle” service to other locations for the purchase of such products or services. Any violation may result in ejection from the convention and forfeiture of all dealer fees.

Advertising legitimate products and services is, of course, both allowed and encouraged.

Items which may NOT be sold at AnimeNEXT 2019 include, but are not limited to:

  • “Knockoff” or bootleg merchandise (for example: Ever Anime CDs).
  • “Grey Market” CDs (re-imports from other Asian countries)
  • Bootleg videotapes, video CDs, or DVDs (this includes bootlegged videos recorded on blank video tapes with printed labels; pirated copies of any titles that have been released commercially in the United States, Japan, or elsewhere; titles taped off the air in Japan—and any and all fansubs).
  • Any unlicensed clothing or costumes of copyrighted series
  • Any posters, idol cards, etc., which read “Kodak,” “Fuji,” etc. on the back.
  • Unlicensed reproductions or gray market versions of any products actually released, scheduled for release, or announced for release by an American company.
  • Unofficial plushies based on copyrighted media
  • Knockoff figurines and model kits

Failure to comply with AnimeNEXT Bootleg Policy or a subsequent violation may result in removal from the convention and forfeiture of all dealer fees.

Items which MAY be sold at AnimeNEXT 2019 include but are not limited to:

  • Garage Kits/Figurines
  • Dojinshi/Fanzines
  • Any and all genuine imported Japanese merchandise. This includes toys, CDs, DVDs, posters, art books, manga, games and any other genuine merchandise from Japan. These products are allowed, even if an American company is selling a translated version.
  • Any and all legitimate American-produced and purchased merchandise.

Other Rules and Regulations

All merchandise must be approved for sale prior to arriving at AnimeNEXT. Any merchandise that is brought to AnimeNEXT that is not listed on the form and approved may be removed at the owner’s expense. Failure to do so will lead to removal from the Dealers Hall.

AnimeNEXT reserves the right to ask a vendor to refrain from bringing certain products with them to the show, to keep a balance of products sold in the Dealers Room. Accommodation will be on a first come-first serve basis by the date completed contract is received.

Any artist that moves from Artist Alley to Dealers room will not be allowed to sell, or have a representative sell, their artwork or other products in the Artist Alley. That artist and their business will be considered a dealer from that point on and can no longer return to Artist Alley.

Dealers can sell original merchandise in the Dealers room, so long as it is not unlicensed fanart or merchandise. If the creation is the same as or similar to a licensed product or is a portrayal of a licensed item or character, it will not be allowed to be sold in the Dealers Room unless they have and can provide evidence of the license to make and sell such works.

AnimeNEXT holds the right to ask a dealer to remove any item from their booth that we do not feel is appropriate for sale or for that vendor. This decision is at the discretion of the Dealers Room Coordinator, Convention Chairman and/or the President of the corporation. This decision cannot be appealed.

At no time is a dealer permitted to sublet or sell any part of their booth(s) to another dealer, individual, or organization. If a dealer intends not to use some or all of their booth space, they need to contact the Dealers Room Coordinator immediately.

Anything that is illegal in NJ or the USA is not permitted at AnimeNEXT. It is the responsibility of the vendor to know all local laws. Failure to comply with laws and regulation will result in ejection from the Dealers Room without refund.

New Jersey State Sales Tax Information

New Jersey State law requires that all dealers charge New Jersey sales tax separate from the amount of the sale. Dealers are required to receive a state tax ID from the NJ Comptroller of the Treasury either before or after the convention and remit the collected sales tax to the State of New Jersey. All vendors must provide AnimeNEXT with a photocopy of their NJ Sales Tax License. Failure to do so will result in ejection from the convention and/or a 1 year ban for future conventions.

New Jersey is now a member of the Streamlined Sales Tax Project. Their website is:

Please note that registering here will register you for sales tax in 20 states.

If you wish to register in New Jersey only and are not a New York State Corporation:

For New York Corporations please use the following to register for NJ Sales Tax:

If you have questions concerning NJ Taxation:
New Jersey Division of Taxation,
PO Box 264
Trenton, New Jersey, 08695-0264 Or call (609) 588-3764.

New Jersey dealers may use a photocopy of their current Sales Tax License and need not apply for additional license.

On Site Information

Setup Hours

Thursday 12PM to 10PM
Friday 9AM to 12PM  /  8PM to 9PM
Saturday 9AM to 10AM /  7PM to 8PM
Sunday 9AM to 10AM  /  Breakdown must be completed on Sunday, June 12th between 3PM and 8PM

Public Hours

Friday 12PM to 8PM
Saturday 10AM to 7PM
Sunday 10AM to 3PM

Attendees will be allowed access to the Dealers room between opening and closing hours. We require that you or an associate be present at all times during these hours. Dealers must wear a Dealers room badge at all times while attending AnimeNEXT. If you have volunteers you have recruited at the show, they will only be allowed into the Dealers Room during normal opening hours and will gain no special privileges over any other attendee.

Procedures for Dealer Protection of Valuables

AnimeNEXT will continue its tradition of providing as secure a Dealer Room as possible. Please take extra precautions in the placement of your merchandise and cash to guard against the possibility of theft. Dealers are responsible for their own property, merchandise and money. Under no circumstances will AnimeNEXT and the Atlantic City Convention Center or its personnel be liable for loss or damage to any property including, but not limited to, merchandise, equipment, or cash.

AnimeNEXT Service to Dealers

If there’s anything else we can help you with, before or during the convention, please let us know. We can’t guarantee we can do it, but we will certainly try if possible.

Atlantic City Convention Center Policies

Dealer assumes responsibility and agrees to indemnify and defend AnimeNEXT, Universal Animation, Inc. and Atlantic City Convention Center and their respective employees and agents against any claims or expenses arising out of the use of the exhibition premises.

The dealer understands that neither AnimeNEXT, Universal Animation, Inc. nor the Atlantic City Convention Center maintains insurance covering the dealer’s property and it is the sole responsibility of the dealer to obtain such insurance.

No nails or tacks are allowed to stick fliers, posters, etc. to the walls of the exhibit center. Dealers may use masking tape or artist tape to hang items in their provided booth space. Smoking (including vapes and electronic cigarettes) is not allowed in the exhibit center.

Recording Devices

Permission to video record your space, whether for personal or security usage will be given on a case by case basis. If you are interested in recording your space you must do the following:

Send a formal request to the Dealer’s Room explaining your intention for the footage you plan to take.

If approved post signage in clear view of the crowd with the following text: “WARNING Audio and Video Recording In Progress”

If you plan to publicly release the footage you must have documented approval of those within the video to have their images shown, or their faces must be blurred.

Vista Convention Services Information

Vista Convention Services has given you access to our members area.

Your username and password is cAsE sEnSiTiVe, so enter your login information exactly as it is shown on your individual packet.

To login:

1) Visit our website at
2) Click on the member’s area link
3) Enter your Username (above)
4) Enter your Password (above)

When you login, you can change the automatically-generated password (above) to one of your preference.

AnimeNEXT 2019 Contact Information

AnimeNEXT Dealers Room Coordinator – Marissa DeSimone

Universal Animation, Inc.
43 Skyview Terrace, Clifton NJ 07013
Attn: Dealers Room Coordinator

NJ Division of Revenue

Signature on the contract denotes agreement to terms set forth in the document.