Panels & Workshops

AnimeNEXT offers a wide variety of panels and workshops covering many subjects such as anime, games, manga, music, and other aspects of Japanese culture and pop-culture.

Panels and workshops typically run between one and two hours with a mix of audio/visual aids.

The Panels application is now open.

Submissions close on: Monday, March 16, 2020 @ 11:59pm EST

* All panels are reviewed by AnimeNEXT staff and any approved panelists & panels will receive an email confirmation at a later date.
* For up to date information, please check out the Overview and FAQ document.


  1. Please review the Panels & Workshops FAQ:
  2. Fill out the AN Panels & Workshop Application:
    • You will be required to submit AT LEAST one (1) panel AND no more than four (4) panels
    • For your panel or workshop description please use AT MOST 280 characters (same limit as a Tweet)
    • Make sure to specify the run time for all of your panels
    • Make sure to choose when you are available to present your panels
  3. Select a reimbursement method and fill in the appropriate information (if necessary)

What is considered a panel?

A number of things can be considered a panel for the purposes of AnimeNEXT applications.

  • Presentation: This type of panel centers on a discussion about a topic relevant to either Japanese culture or general anime fandom.
  • Instructional: This type of panel centers on a presentation that educates or teaches our attendees about a topic without a hands-on component.
  • Audience Engagement: This type of panel centers on content that actively engages our attendees and relies heavily on their participation such as a game show or trivia based event.

What is a workshop?

This is a specialized type of panel that combines an instructional panel with active audience participation in the form of a tangible item or skill set being taught. These generally require participants to bring materials or receive materials from the host with the goal being to increase attendee knowledge or skill in some manner. Examples include, but are not limited to, language workshops, calligraphy courses, cosplay crafts, and so forth.

What content will be automatically flagged?

  • In-character Q&A Panels: This type of event often involves multiple panelists in costume being asked questions by the audience and the panelist(s) answer these questions in a way the character might. These will be rejected without further question.
  • General Performances: If the majority of an event includes only people performing, it will be rejected.

Other panel guidelines:

AnimeNEXT is organized by Universal Animation whose mission is to educate about Japanese culture, in particular popular culture. As such, events that do not connect or relate to these topics will be given lowest priority in the approval process.

For example, if you’re applying to do a panel about the 2000’s pop culture movements, make sure it focuses anime, manga, etc. Space is limited so priority must be given to our core topics

Please check this page often as these policies are subject to change.