Game Shows!

Cosplay Human Chess: The black and white return to fight at Animenext!
If there’s one thing that’s certain in Anime, it’s that you never know when a mech is going to show up. Or an android. Or A vocaloid. Well, the normal people of the Ani-verse have had enough! It’s time to reclaim the role of lead character from all of these automatons! This year’s theme is Man vs Machine, a knock down brawl on the checkerboard with human pieces fighting to find out whos the real thing!

Be a chess piece!


Match Game: Watch as our fabulous guests match wits with you and the
rest of the audience in this exciting game of Mad-Libs based on the
hit television show, with an otaku twist! This game is so full of ___ you’ll be sorry if you miss it!

Match Game After Dark
Think the normal match game was funny, but want to hear what our guests really wanted to say? Come back after hours when we pull the censors off and let them cut loose! Mad-libs was never so un-PC!

Dating Game (All Ages): Think you’d only see the pairing of your
dreams in crossover fanfic? Come check out the Dating Game! Our
lovely bachelorettes and handsome bachelors from various anime, manga
and video games are out for love and wacky hijinks the likes of which
you’ve never seen!

Find a Match!


Baggage: Everyone has some embarrassing, gross, unique, or weird about themselves, This goes double for our favorite Anime, Manga and video game characters. In Baggage, an eligible single character will have 3 characters to choose from, but each of them have 3 secrets to reveal about themselves that could make or break the relationship before it begins! Will we have a happy couple or will the final piece of baggage be the drill that broke the robots back? You’ll have to come out to find out for sure!
Unlike the dating game, you must be 18 to attend; IDs WILL be
checked at the door. Don’t forget to bring an official photo ID with
your date of birth on it or you will NOT be allowed in. No

Name That Tune: Do you have the entire soundtrack to your favorite series memorized? Can you recognize “Moonlight Densetsu” 3 bars in? Then you might have what it takes to win Name That Tune! All contestants are chosen from the audience, so come on down for your chance at some nice prizes if you know your tunes!

AnimeNEXT Jeopardy: “I’ll take Con Game Show Intros for 400, Alex!” “This
question-based game show rocked the house last year and has returned
to hurl trivia and fabulous prizes at our contestants selected from
the audience to pit their wits and plumb the depths of trivial anime, game and manga