Registration FAQ

Registration FAQ

Do I have to pre-register?

No, you do not have to pre-register. However, it will cost less to pre-register for the weekend as opposed to purchasing a full weekend badge at the door.

How do I pre-register?

Just go to our registration website here.

Do you have group pre-registration?

Yes we do.Group pre-registration gives a discount of $5 per person and there must be a minimum of 8 paid adult attendees in the group. Any children (under the age of 13) who will be part of the group must be registered at the same time as the rest of the group.

Does my group have to pick up all their badges at the same time?

NO.  While the entire group is registered together (and therefore receives the discount), each person is listed separately in our system.  This means that your group could all come at the same time or all at different times (even on different days) and there should be no problems with anyone getting their badge.

If I don’t pre-register, is there a chance you will run out of memberships?

We never have run out of memberships, and unless we are suddenly besieged by thousands upon thousands of people seeking at-door badges (well, thousands more than we’ve ever seen at least), we do not foresee having to deny memberships based upon excessive attendance.

Can I pre-register for just one day?

No, we do not sell single-day memberships online. However, we do sell single-day memberships at the door

Can I pre-register online and pay at the door?

No. You have to pay for your membership when you pre-register.

How do I pay at the door if I didn’t pre-register?

Simply come up to one of our at-con Registration booths with a filled-out at-con registration form (which should be distributed to you while you are on line, or they will be available on a table near our Registration booths if the line is small to non-existent).  We will be able to take either cash or credit at our booths.

I don’t have PayPal or a credit card. How do I pre-register?

Due to a significant decline in mail-in registrations in recent years, we do not have mail-in registration available this year.  If you cannot pre-register online by any current possible means, contact and we can attempt to work something out.

Okay, I pre-registered. How do I get my badge?

You should receive a confirmation e-mail from EventBrite once you have pre-registered. Print out the confirmation and bring a photo ID to the Atlantic City Convention Center. Come up to one of our Pre-registration booths and you will be able to pick up your badge there.

I don’t have a driver’s license? How do I pick up my badge?

If you have a school ID, a town resident ID, or something with your name and your picture on it, that will be fine. However, if you do not have any form of photo ID, PLEASE remember to bring your confirmation printout. If you do not have your printout or a photo ID, we may not be able to verify your pre-registration and give you your badge.

I’m the parent/guardian of a child who is 6 or younger. What do I do in order to register them?

Contact our head of Registration and we will be able to put them into our system.

How much is registration at the door?

We will be posting those prices at a later date once the at-con prices are finalized.

I can’t make it this year. Can I get a refund?

If you cannot attend, contact Registration by emailing by June 1st. We can defer your registration until the following year or transfer your registration to someone else. If you contact us after June 1st, your deferment or transfer may not be processed. Refunds may be issued in extreme circumstances.