Registration FAQ


How do I pre-register?

Simply go to our Eventbrite page, click on Register, select the proper type and number of registrations, and hit Checkout.  You will go to a page requesting information on each attendee.  After filling that out, you will be taken to a PayPal page to complete your registration purchase.  You do not need to create an Eventbrite account in order to register, but you may wish to since it is free and easy and allows you to use the Eventbrite App at check-in.

Don’t you have single-day pre-registrations?

No, I’m sorry, all pre-registrations are for the entire 3-day weekend.  Single-day registrations can only be purchased at the door on that given day.

I registered with a group.  Does everyone have to get their badges at the same time?

No, each person can pick up their badge individually.

I’m the parent/guardian of a child under 6.  How do I register them?

Contact and we will help take care of that.

There’s a problem with my paying for the registration(s)!  Can’t you fix it?

I’m sorry, but any problems concerning the payment for your registration would have to be addressed to PayPal.

I don’t have a PayPal or a credit card. How can I pre-register?

If you cannot register yourself and there is no one who register you with theirs, contact and we shall attempt to work something out.

If I don’t pre-register, is there a danger of AnimeNEXT running out of registrations?

No.  We always prepare for significant increases in at-door registration, and leave a buffer after that.  At-door registration would have to increase by thousands of people more than it has in the past for this to even begin to become an issue.

I completed my registration but didn’t get a confirmation!

If you have an Eventbrite account, you should be able to find your confirmation listed under “Tickets” on their site and app.  If you do not have an Eventbrite account, please make sure your e-mail filter has whitelisted and check your spam folder in case it was accidentally filtered into there.  If you still cannot find your confirmation, please contact and we will re-send you confirmation.

Please note that a typo in your e-mail will result in your confirmation not being sent to the correct address. Double-check all e-mail addresses before confirming your registrations.

I got a discount code at another convention for AnimeNEXT, but it doesn’t work anymore.  What gives?

Discount codes that are given out for AnimeNEXT Pre-Registration by our staff at other conventions are good for a maximum of ONE WEEK after that convention ends.  If you attempt to use the code after that time has passed, the code will be invalid.

At-Con Registration

I’ve decided to purchase my registration at the convention instead. How do I go about doing this?

Upon arriving at the Atlantic City Convention Center (ACCC), please progress to Hall C on the 2nd floor.  One of our Con Safety staff (identifiable by their red or yellow staff t-shirts) will direct you toward the at-con registration line. Before you reach the Registration booths, we will need to collect your information either via one of our registration tablets or at a registration kiosk before we direct you to one of our booths to process your payment and give you your badge.

Picking Up Your Badge

I’ve pre-registered.  Now what do I do when I get to AnimeNEXT?

Upon arriving at the ACCC, make your way to Hall C and a red- or yellow-shirted Con Safety staffer will direct you to the pre-registration line.  Please make sure you have your confirmation and a photo ID out when you get to a booth at the front of the line.  We will check your ID and scan your confirmation and give you your badge and you’ll be good to go.

What if I don’t have a driver’s license?

Any kind of photo ID will work, as long as it has your name and face on it: School ID, work ID, etc.  We use it to make sure that the confirmation you have is actually yours by seeing that:

Your face = the face on the ID
The name on the ID = the name on the confirmation
Therefore, the confirmation is yours.

Yes, that is the Transitive Property of Equality and I’ve just answered the question “When are we ever going to use this?” from your math class.

I/We’ve pre-registered but there’s someone else with us who needs to register. What do we do?

Preferably, we suggest that those who pre-register and those who register each line up separately, so whoever gets their badge first can join their friends in line to wait with them.  If this would present a problem (such as: requiring a young child to wait in line alone), then we suggest you all wait in one of the lines together and we’ll do our best to help process everyone at our booths.

My name on my pre-registration doesn’t match the name on my ID.

We have had this occur a number of times in past years due to newly-married attendees or transgender attendees who may be uncomfortable with their companions knowing about their situation.  Rest assured, our Registration staff understands and will handle the situation discreetly.  There will be no problems at check-in.


I can’t make AnimeNEXT this year, but I’ve pre-registered.  What do I do?

If you have pre-registered but will not be able to attend AnimeNEXT, you can either defer your pre-registration for one year, or you can transfer the registration to someone else.  Transfers requests must be sent to prior to June 1st.  Please have the name, address, and e-mail of the person who the registration will be transferred to.  Transfer requests received after June 1st most probably will not be processed.

AnimeNEXT has a NO REFUND policy.  If you cannot transfer your registration or are unable to defer it to next year, your registration fee will be seen as a donation to Universal Animation, Inc.