Policies & Procedures

Proper Behavior of Registered Press

Registered and approved members of AnimeNEXT 2019 press must conduct themselves in a professional manner. Professional behavior includes but is not limited to:

  1. Being properly respectful of AnimeNEXT guests, staff, attendees, and other participants.
  2. Complying to all photo restrictions, as conveyed by AnimeNEXT staff, the AnimeNEXT press department, or by our guests or guests’ representatives and management.
  3. Arriving early for scheduled interviews or press events, and notifying AnimeNEXT Press Relations staff of any delays. AnimeNEXT press department will share email and phone channels for notifications.
  4. Arriving prepared to conduct scheduled interviews.  
  5. Obeying the moderator’s rules for any press conferences and interviews.

AnimeNEXT Interview Procedures

Interviews with official AnimeNEXT guests must be requested and arranged through AnimeNEXT Press Relations staff. Only registered members of the press may request interviews with official AnimeNEXT guests. Requesting an interview does not guarantee an interview will be granted. Interviews are arranged as our guests’ availability and schedules enable.

Since guests’ time is limited, registered members of Press are strictly asked to refrain from requesting autographs or personal photos with guests at the beginning, during, or at the close of an interview. Photos of guests to accompany coverage are sometimes allowed, subject to the guest’s approval and to their time constraints. All such photos must be pre-arranged at the time of scheduling the interview.

Press are forbidden from requesting interviews with official AnimeNEXT guests directly without the knowledge of the AnimeNEXT Press Director. Press that requests interviews with official AnimeNEXT guests outside of normal procedures may have their press passes withdrawn.

Non-Guest Interviews

Interviews with attendees, dealers, and people other than guests do not require AnimeNEXT Press Relations approval.

If press wish to use AnimeNEXT press interview space for attendee, dealer persons, or other than guests interviews, they must coordinate press space reservations with the Press Director in advance.  

Coverage Submissions

After AnimeNEXT 2019 we’d like to see your coverage of the convention. We welcome links to your coverage whether it be written in print, on the web, podcasts, or video. AnimeNEXT asks that all press kindly submit their coverage of the convention. The Press department will share with you during the convention an online form that you can submit your coverage to. Who knows, we may even highlight your coverage through official AnimeNEXT channels.