Be advised that not everyone can receive a press badge. Having been granted one in the past does not guarantee that you will be given one this year. Accepted applicants will receive up to two (2) press badges per organization. Depending on the severity of your need, you may request one additional badge. Any requests for an additional badge will be subject to the Press Head’s approval. Send all requests to Please include the following:

-The name of your blog/website:
-The web address/URL:
-The names and positions of each member in need of a press badge:
-Please indicate if there is a specific guest/event you would like to cover:
-If requesting an additional badge, explain why it is needed:
-Any additional information you would like us to know:
Press applications will be accepted until April 15. Because there is a limit to the amount of badges we can grant, it is important not to wait until the last minute. Good luck!

All applicants will receive an email informing them whether or not they will be accepted as press this year by April 29th.