Thank you to those of you that decided to show your appreciation for our
show by purchasing on of our VIP supporter bags. As you are well aware,
one of the many perks of being a VIP support is the NINJA PASS. This pass
will enable you to be the first to gain access to or participate in several of
the events that we have planned this year. That being said, there are a few
guidelines that you must follow to take advantage of your NINJA PASS.

  1. The NINJA PASS is redeemable for only one event by a singular person;
    1. If you have a NINJA PASS and the three friends with you do not,
      you can gain early access, but they must wait in line;
    2. Please bear in mind, that you can only use the NINJA PASS for one
      event throughout the duration of the show;
  2. To redeem the NINJA PASS and take advantage of it, you must be in line
    no earlier than 30 minutes prior to an event and must utilize it prior to
    30 minutes after the start of an event (this clause applies solely to the
    free autograph sessions);

    1. This is to ensure that all NINJA PASS holders can be sorted to make
      sure they gain entry to the event as soon as it starts;
  3. When you utilize your NINJA PASS, a member of staff for the applicable
    event will keep your pass;

    1. This will be either a member of Con Safety or Guest Relations;
    2. Once you redeem your pass, it will not be reissued to you;
  4. The NINJA PASS is will NOT get you early access to the following events:
    1. ALL OFF Photo Op;
    2. Fashion Show;
    3. Mint NeKO VIP;
    4. Musical Concerts;
    5. Paid Meet & Greets;
  5. The NINJA PASS is eligible for the following events:
    1. Burlesque Seating;
    2. Free Autograph Sessions;
    3. Guest Panels;
    4. Masquerade Seating;
    5. And so forth as specified by convention staff;
  6. There will be guests in the Dealers’ Room signing custom prints and the
    NINJA PASS will NOT enable you to any of the following in this area:

    1. A free autograph in the Dealers’ Room (all autographs here must
      be paid);
    2. The ability to jump people waiting in line for a guest at their
      Dealers’ Room table;
    3. Discounts of any sort to any of the other Dealers’ Room booths;
  7. You are still expected to follow all other rules and regulations for any of
    the applicable events as outlined in the Code of Conduct and conveyed
    by staff;

    1. This means that outside of early access and avoiding hours of lines
      you are afforded no additional privileges by virtue of having the
    2. Trying to use the NINJA PASS to access guest or staff areas at all
      is strictly prohibited.

We thank you all for following these rules and making the first year of NINJA
PASS a success. In the coming years, we hope to expand upon what events it
can be used for as well as what perks are bestowed upon the holders.
Please feel free to send any constructive criticism or feedback to the following
email address: