Bag Policy


The safety of our attendees, staff, and all other visitors of AnimeNEXT is of utmost importance. As such, AnimeNEXT continually reviews and adjusts its policies to enhance public safety and make each convention goer’s experience a safe one.

Around the Convention Center

  • Bags of all shapes and sizes are allowed in the general convention center areas.
  • Please keep your bags attended at all times during the convention.
    • Any bag left unattended may be removed from the premises at staff’s discretion.
    • There will not be a bag check available, so be sure that the bags you bring with you into the convention are non-obstructive and remain with you at all times.
  • A Con Safety Staff Member may request to perform a bag search of any person’s bags on-premises at any time.
    • The bag search is 100% voluntary; however, refusal will result in Con Safety escorting the owner of the bag off-site.

Specific Locations

Dealer’s Room & Artist Alley

  • Bags of all shapes and sizes are allowed.

Concerts & Main Events

  • Seated Events
    • Bags must be able to fit on the floor in front of your chair, under it, or on your lap.
    • If a bag is obstructing the view of others, you will be asked to remove it from the room.
  • Standing Events
    • Bags must be held at all times.
    • If a bag is obstructing  the view of others you will be asked to remove it from the room.

Dance Parties & Cosplay Formal

  • Bags must be smaller than 10 x 10 inches (e.g., clutches, drawstring backpacks, etc.).
  • ALL bags will be searched before entry into the Friday and Saturday night dance parties.