Autograph FAQ

  1. LINE ETIQUETTE: Unless you have a NINJA PASS, please do not queue up for any of the free autograph sessions in room 409 more than 15 minutes prior to the start of that session. This allows the team adequate time to clear out the previous group and start setting up for the next group;
    1. If a signing starts at 4:00pm and you have a NINJA PASS, you can begin lining up in room 408 no earlier than 3:30pm;
    2. If a signing starts at 4:00pm and you do not have a NINJA PASS, you can begin lining up in room 408 no earlier than 3:45pm.
  2. ACCESSIBILITY: If you have a documented circumstance that does not allow you to stand in line for long periods of time, please communicate this with our staff and they will try their best to assist you with getting an autograph.
    1. Any conditions that merit special consideration should be noted with Registration and denoted on your badge with a decal, so our onsite team is aware (info about your condition will not be shared explicitly);
    2. If anyone standing in line sees a member of Guest Relations specifically move a person ahead in the line, please keep in mind that there is a distinct reason and any such individuals should not be harassed in any capacity.
  3. AUTOGRAPH RESTRICTIONS: You can get one item signed by each guest present in the signing session. If you attempt to get more than one (1) item signed by any guest, you will be kindly asked to continue in the line after your first item is signed, so others get a chance to get something signed for free;
    1. If you do not comply with this rule and give any of the on-site staff difficulty, then a member of Con Safety may have to escort you from the room;
    2. Bear in mind that for domestic guests, we tried to make sure they all have three free signings (one per day) for a total of three and a half (3.5) hours throughout the weekend;
  4. APPROVED ITEMS: You are permitted to get an autograph on our Program Guide, sketchbooks, Shikishi (autograph board), official copies of DVDs/CDs, or other merchandise;
    1. Keep in mind that our team will be spot checking merchandise to make sure that it is official, legal merchandise from any of the series a guest appears in and any bootleg merchandise will be flagged and ineligible for an autograph;
    2. Please note that guests can refrain from signing items based on their discretion.
  5. RESTRICTED ITEMS: The items below are not be eligible for autographs:
    1. Unofficial merchandise;
    2. Bootleg copies of DVDs/CDs;
    3. Items unrelated to the guests or their body of work;
    4. Please note that guests can refrain from signing items based on their discretion.
  6. GENERAL ETIQUETTE: While waiting on line, please be courteous to each other and the other attendees trying to get somewhere as well as other panels occuring at the time. Please do not block the walkway and use your inside voice.
  7. PHOTO ETIQUETTE: Taking photos of the guests while you wait is strictly prohibited. Most people would not appreciate it happening to them and we expect you to show our guests the same courtesy you would like in return.
  8. LOGISTICS: While you wait in line, we will pass out Post-Its with a pen. Write down your name as you would like to appear on the autograph. If you do not wish to have your name included, simply skip this step.
  9. THE FINAL COUNTDOWN: When you finally get to the autograph table be courteous to the other attendees after you and do NOT hog the table/guests for long. We understand you waited so long for this moment and you want to tell your life story of how much you love them. But you got to this table because people ahead of you kept it short and sweet. Please do the same for the attendees waiting in line after you.
  10. NOTE: In the interest of time, please do not expect our guests to draw something for you. Our goal is to get as many attendees to the autograph table.
  11. EXPECTATIONS: There is NO GUARANTEE that all of you lined up will be able to get an autograph. Our guests are human and will try to get through as many autographs as possible.
  12. INEXCUSABLE BEHAVIOR: Violence (physical or verbal) is absolutely prohibited. Your badge will be taken and you will be escorted from the facility immediately.