Fashion Designer Acryl agitt Will be at AnimeNEXT!

Acryl agitt
Designer Daisuke Ichikawa
A designer at h.NAOTO, chief designer of men’s brand HN+DIE, and textile supervisor from 2000-2009, Daisuke Ichikawa also oversaw 3 seasons of h.NAOTO’s Tokyo Collection.
Already a seasoned designer, he formed Acryl agitt after leaving h.NAOTO. Fusing music and fashion, the brand has designed outfits for artists such as Gackt, vistlip, Golden Bomber and many more.
With a surreal rock art and mode concept, Acryl agitt features men’s and women’s designs with a distinctive gothic edge.
AnimeNEXT is proud to feature gothic street fashion designer Acryl agitt for their overseas debut!

To apply as a model for Acryl agitt’s fashion show, fill out the model form!

Acryl agitt

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