Indie Boardwalk Rules

  1. Convention badges: All developers and groups who wish to take part in the Indie Boardwalk must have an AnimeNEXT Indie Exhibitor badge. Two of these badges are included in the reservation price of each 10′ x 10′ space. At the time of payment for your booth, you will have the option to purchase up to an additional two (2) per 10′ x 10′ space at a special price. Any specific questions regarding badge purchases should be sent to
    • All developers and their staff must receive and wear a Indie Exhibitor Badge. We ask that you please make your best effort to notify us of your badge needs DURING the registration process, or BEFORE the convention. An Indie Exhibitor badge allows entrance to the Video Gaming Hall during set up and closing times. Anyone found sitting at an Indie Boardwalk booth without a Indie Exhibitor badge will be asked to leave.
  2. Check in: The person who filled out the application for the Indie Boardwalk booth reservation must check in with the Indie Boardwalk staff table no later than noon on Friday of the convention weekend.
    • If you fail to check in by noon on Friday without prior notice, you will forfeit your table and it will be available to be sold to another developer. You will NOT be eligible for a refund. If you have forfeited your booth and proceed to set up without checking in with AnimeNEXT staff, you will be asked to leave so that another developer can take possession of the table.
  3. Booth amenities: Booth spaces are available in 10′ x 10′ squares, each with one 6-foot table, four chairs, and one outlet for electricity.
  4. Double booking: Only ONE person per developer group may submit an application to reserve an Indie Boardwalk booth.
  5. Age requirement: You must be at least 18 years old by the check-in date, either Thursday or Friday of the convention weekend.
  6. Displays and set ups: There is a height limit of 10 ft off the floor for displays (the height of the table is included in this). All table set-ups and displays must be sturdy and only occupy your own space. Free-standing displays are allowed to be set up in front or to the side of a table within your allotted booth space. Displays are to presented in a way that they does not interfere with the other developers around you. If a display falls down, or is deemed by AnimeNEXT staff to be unsafe, you will be asked to take it down.
  7. Noise: Sound for games is an important part of the experience, but please be mindful of neighbors. If the amount of sound coming from a booth is found to be disruptive, as determined by AnimeNEXT staff, the developer / group will be asked to lower the volume. Further noise violations may result in staff asking the booth be broken down and the group removed from the Video Gaming Hall.
  8. Selling games and merchandise: The selling your game and other merchandise to promote your game is allowed and must be directly related to the developer’s company and/or game(s) showcased. Rules and regulations of merchandise sales are the same as the Artist Alley. Please refer to AnimeNEXT’s Artist Alley Rules page for the complete rules on selling at your booth.
  9. Merchandise: This is a list of what merchandise allowed and what is not allowed to be sold. If you do not see something on the list, email or and we will make a ruling on it.
    • Allowed merchandise examples (not limited to):
      • Physical media / entertainment (CDs, books, games, plushies)
      • Apparel (t-shirts, hats)
      • Print items (bookmarks, prints, cards)
      • Accessories (bags, pins / buttons)
  10. Refunds:
    • Booths: Before you purchase your booth you must be absolutely certain you will be able to attend. Booth transfers to other developers may occur but will be decided on a case-by-case basis.
    • Badges: These can be transferred, or deferred to the following year. Please email for more information. Refunds are only available in extreme cases and will be in the form of a physical check that will be mailed out after the convention, no matter when it was approved.
  11. Consequences for any rule breaking:
    • 1st offense: Warning in writing. You will be given conditions and possibly a time frame with which you must comply. This may be, but is not limited to, lowering the volume of music, removing offending material for the rest of the weekend, etc.
    • 2nd offense: Eviction from AnimeNEXT. If you have already been given a written warning failed to comply after the first warning was issued, you may be evicted from AnimeNEXT without refund.
    • 3rd and final offense: If you are found trying to or have convinced another developer (whether knowing or unknowing) to help you promote / sell your game that you can no longer set up, due to having already been evicted from your own table, you may henceforth be banned from AnimeNEXT.
    • Repeat offenders: If you have been evicted from AnimeNEXT once, you will have a chance to redeem yourself the next year. If you end up being evicted a second time, you will be banned permanently. Evictions do not have to happen in consecutive years; any and all evictions count towards your two chances. Though the AnimeNEXT staff retain the right to make instantaneous changes to rules and policies, every effort will be made to extend developers the courtesy to make announcements of any changes.
    • AnimeNEXT staff will consistently monitor and patrol the area for policy and rules violations. Any and all observed and reported violations will be acted upon. A single violation of the convention’s rules and policies can potentially result in the developer being removed from the convention at the discretion of the convention staff. If an individual is removed, they forfeit all fees and will receive no refund for their booth or membership. Additionally, for the safety of the convention staff, conversations between yourself and staff may be recorded.