Anime Car Show

AnimeNEXT is pleased to announce the return of the Anime Car Show! This will be the car show’s second year running, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, we will be coming back with a showcase of replica vehicles and *itasha cars inspired by Japanese anime, manga, and video games as well as Japanese drift cars.

This year, we will also feature exciting new additions and interactive elements to the room as well as selected vendors to further enrich this celebration of Japanese car culture. This is a show you don’t want to miss!

*What is an itasha car, anyway?
In Japanese, the term literally means “painful car”—that is, painful to the eyes. Itasha are cars intricately over-decorated with anime, manga, or video game characters, which is what makes them so unique even within Japanese car culture.

The term Itasha first entered the Japanese language when referring to Italian sports cars, but the term has come to have a different meaning related to the character wraps or paint jobs on cars. Itasha, when related to these decorated cars, comes from Japanese wordplay, itai meaning painful and sha meaning vehicle.

Do you have a car that would feel right at home in our show? Want a chance to showcase your JDM build in Atlantic City convention center? You’re in luck! Register for the AnimeNext 2020 Car Show now.