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Pro-Play Games (PPG):

PPG Event Management is a professional event management company ran by premier tournament organizers which hosts a competitive card game circuit around the United States – the Pro-Play Tour. These events are comprised of over 500 unique players at each destination, along with 3 different games. We have previously hosted events at large cons like both Otakon and Supercon, as well as at our independent series. We will host different types of card game events including free tournaments and game demos at AnimeNEXT. Our goal is to provide events for the card gaming community and give players a reason to be a part of the greater Anime experience.

Pro-Play Games is a brick and mortar presence in Miami, FL – home to over 20,000 subscribers on YouTube, and over 8,000 followers on Facebook. Known heavily as a one stop shop for all TCG related accessories, cards, and games – Pro-Play Games brings the best and most competitive prices to supplement any TCG event.

Tentative Scheduling: (MTG = Magic The Gathering, DBS = Dragon Ball Super, YGO = Yu-Gi-Oh!)


10AM: PPG Gaming Area Opens

11AM-5PM: Free Play and Demos

12PM-3PM: Dragon Ball Super Card Game – Expansion Set Sealed Tournament 

1PM: On Demand Magic the Gathering – Drafts Open

4PM-6PM: Dragon Ball Super Card Game –  Team Battles

11PM: PPG Gaming Area Close


10AM: PPG Gaming Area Opens

11AM-5PM: Free Play and Demos

12PM-6PM: Dragon Ball Super Card Game – Singles Tournament

1PM: On Demand Magic the Gathering – Drafts Open

2PM: Yu-Gi-Oh! Player’s Championship Qualifier

3PM:  Cardfight! Vanguard – Player’s Championship Qualifier

11PM: PPG Gaming Area Close


10AM: PPG Gaming Area Opens

11AM-2PM: Free Play and Demos

Learn to play the Dragon Ball Super Card Game with some FREE Demo decks and prizes just for participating!

We will also be previewing the brand new unreleased Naruto/Boruto Card Game coming out June 30th!

Come join us for these fun and free to play demos Friday-Sunday!

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Japanime Games

Japanime Games is dedicated to finding the best games from Japan and sharing them with a wider audience. Their games feature beautiful art from well-known Japanese artists and their engaging gameplay is fun for both new and experienced gamers. They are most well known for their TANTO CUORE and HEART OF CROWN games and have over 20 different lines of games, many with numerous expansions.

This year Japanime Games is planning on releasing at least 10 new titles and as many as 10 new expansions for past and upcoming games. Their latest releasing include the set-collection game STARLIGHT STAGE, the battle driven deck-builder, KAMIGAMI BATTLES: BATTLE OF THE NINE REALMS, the harem-anime styled LOVE BATTLE! HIGH SCHOOL and the latest in the HEART OF CROWN series: FAIRYGARDEN. Be sure to check out these exciting new titles.