AnimeNEXT LARP is a Live Action Role Playing game with a single plot spanning the weekend starting on Friday and coming to a conclusion on Sunday.  It is open to all attendees with online pre-registration and at-convention registration available through Saturday of the convention.  We have open attendance and you can come and go as you wish.

Every year we put together a unique plot just for AnimeNEXT and for the players.  Characters are pregenerated and we have a rules meeting on Friday as well as New Player events throughout the weekend to get people started.

You can choose characters that are made from anime, manga, some video games and some webcomics.  If you pre-register for the LARP we can also vet and create a character from those genres if they’re not already made.  A partial list of premade characters already available for pre-registration is here.

We are a theatrical LARP with rock, paper, scissors conflict resolution. Describing your character’s actions or improvising a speech on the fly are both encouraged. Please no touching, stunts, or use of props/weapons (including foam ones). We love seeing cosplay, but it is not required and you do not have to play who you cosplay as.

This year’s plot is a mystery at the heart of La Cita Fortuna, renown throughout the multiverse as the city where one can buy or sell anything. Come to make your fortune, or spend it all on your heart’s desire, or just to enjoy Fortuna’s Pokemon League!  Or dig below the surface, to find answers someone has gone to very great lengths to hide.

Pre Registration for the LARP ends on April 15th, 2019 at Midnight.

Any questions,please email or

To Pre Register for the LARP Please send the following to with the subject heading “AnimeNEXT LARP 2019 Pre-Registration”:

  • Your Full Name:
  • Your preferred email address:
  • Your preferred email address:
  • Your Primary Character Choice & Originating Series:
  • Your Secondary Character Choice & Originating Series:
  • Your Tertiary Character Choice & Originating Series:
  • Any Comments or Questions you may have:

We cannot guarantee first choice characters so please list the three you most want to play.  We’ll reach out to you at your preferred email if there are any questions on our end.

Thank you for attending AnimeNEXT and we hope to see you at the LARP!