AnimeNEXT Karaoke returns for 2015 with a new head, new rules, and best of all – a year’s worth of new music to sing to.  This year we will be featuring Open Mic and the annual Karaoke Contest.
The pre-registration form is now live!  Sign up now to get your spot in the karaoke contest.

AnimeNext Karaoke Contest Rules:

1.) Professional singers and AnimeNext staff are not permitted to compete.  A professional singer is defined as one who is paid to perform or has been represented at any time by any record label.

2.) All performers must sing to music.  You may not lip synch.  You may not sing a capella.  All submitted music tracks must have the main vocals removed. You are responsible for providing your own music.  A CD or an mp3 on a flash drive is preferred.  Media players and phones are permitted as long as they can accommodate a standard 3.5mm jack.
You, or a friend, may accompany your voice with a non-percussive, acoustic instrument but you are responsible for your own equipment and you do not gain any advantage over a singer who brings an mp3.
3.) All songs not from an anime or Japanese video game must be in an Asian language.  Songs may be sung in English (or any other language) if it is both:
a.) an opening or ending theme from an anime or Japanese video game; and
b.) from the official Japanese release
Examples of what would be allowed includes:
“Walk Like an Egyptian” (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders) – Original Anime ED
“Red Fraction” (Black Lagoon) – Original Anime OP
“Hikari” (Kingdom Hearts) – Original Video Game Theme
The Japanese version of “Let It Go” (Frozen) – Asian Language
English language examples of what is NOT allowed include:
“Simple and Clean” (Kingdom Hearts) – Not from the official Japanese release
“I’ve Got a Feeling” (Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad) – Neither the opening or ending theme of an anime
The Beat Crusaders’ cover of “Give A Little Whistle” (Pinocchio) – Not an anime OP, ED or video game theme
All Vocaloid songs must be in an Asian language.
4.) Rule 4 continues to not exist.
5.) We are extending the time limit to a strict 8 minutes after which we WILL turn your music off and move on to the next performer. The judges may cut your song after 5 minutes if they believe too much of your time has been spent not singing. If you are worried about your song, email karaoke@animenext.org for an answer. But rest assured we’re more concerned with 6 minute guitar solos than we are with 6 minute ballads.
6.) All songs must be memorized.
7.) There will be a pre-registration for the first 10 slots.  Once those slots are filled, signups will be at the door on a first come-first served basis.  We will go through as many entries as we can until we have no more time or no more singers.  You must be present for your turn or you will be skipped.
8.) The contest, in its entirety, is to be kept at a PG-13 level. The staff, at their discretion, may decide that some songs can be performed only once during the show or not at all.
9.) The AnimeNext Karaoke Staff reserves the right to further change these rules as necessary.  All decisions made by the Head of Karaoke are final.
Open Mic Rules and Etiquette

The rules for open mic are more relaxed than the contest. You are welcome to sing with lyric sheets, to music that retains the original vocals, and in any language you like. This year we will have a library of anime/game/Jpop/Jrock songs that you can choose from; however, you should still bring your favorite tunes to sing to just in case we don’t have it.

Singers will be placed in the order of first come first served. You may only have one song in the queue at any time during open mic. You must sing your first song before you can get in line to sing a second.
Singers who miss their first call will be bumped back to the third slot in the queue for a second chance. If they miss their second call, they will be removed from the queue.
Last but not least, be respectful of all singers and have fun!  We can’t wait to hear you all!