Friday 9P.M. – 1A.M.

The Contro1freak
The Contro1freak: 9P.M. – 10P.M.

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, The Contro1freak plays the best music that nerd culture and dance music culture has to offer.  Playing a multitude of genres ranging from EDM to J-Pop to Drum N’ Bass, he has combined all of these to form together a genre of his own: Anime Dance Music. Expect the energy to be high when The Contro1freak starts playing!

John Mayz
John Mayz: 10P.M. – 11P.M.

John Mayz is a musician, DJ and music producer based in New Jersey. His passion for music developed at an early age and can be attributed to his current success. With a keen ear and broad musical knowledge, Mayz drops powerful beats full of drive and energy to put any crowd in an euphoric state.  After rocking the crowd with an electrifying set to close out the 2014 AnimeNext Rave, Mayz returns to get the crowd jumping once again. Follow John Mayz on Soundcloud to hear his latest sounds:

DJ TeaCake
DJ TeaCake: 11P.M. – 12A.M.

Since his first time spinning in 2014 at AnimeNEXT, TeaCake has been polishing his DJ’ing with other genres besides just Hardstyle. Bringing in some J-Core elements, such as tracks featuring popular vocalist Yukacco and tracks made by StripE, TeaCake will bringing not just Hardstyle but also Energetic Trance! What else can he bring to the dance floor? You will just have to find out on the night that he spins at AnimeNEXT 2016!

Descent: 12A.M. – 1A.M.

Debuting in 2010, Descent has proven himself to be one of the most dedicated DJs to emerge from the convention rave scene. Having found his home in trance and progressive, he always aims to bring a worldwide sound that goes beyond what typical electronic music offers. His achievements over the last few years include performances throughout the midwest and east coast, as well previously hosting a weekly radio show for Krafty Radio, one of the largest online broadcasters of hard dance music.

Saturday 9P.M. – 1A.M.

DJ Nick Diablo
DJ Nick Diablo: 9P.M. – 10P.M.

Back for his 3rd year at AnimeNEXT, this 29 year vet of the hallowed turntable gets props on a worldwide scale. With an endless music collection, flawless table tricks, and skratch skills galore he is now an 8 year resident of on his live internet radio show “Knockturnal Emmissionz” Wednesday nights 7pm-10pm est. This is a dangerous man behind the decks because whatever the genre or theme of the night, Nick Diablo is a perfect addition to get any crowd moving! See & hear why this DJ is “Hotter Than Hell”!!!

Tamerax: 10P.M. – 11P.M.

Tamerax is considering to be a rising star on the international scene with his chart topping hard dance singles known for being modern and  powerfully uplifting and but at the same time playful and fun. He is known for bringing his unique high energy sound, smooth mixing skills and intense stage presence to shows all across Canada and the United States. With almost 2 decades of experience in the music industry, his styles range from Hard Trance, Tech Dance, Freeform and his new love of HDM has being bringing him lot of attention. Keeping extremely busy in the studio over the last couple of years, Tamerax has been signed to several of the world’s most respected hard dance labels (including Synergy Trax, Hyperdrive, and Metamorph), has been featured on numerous international cd compilations and mixes and has support from some of the biggest names in the industry.

Kurono: 11P.M. – 12A.M.

Kurono is a popular DJ known for bringing the hardcore genre into the Anime-Dance scene. As a strong supporter of J-Core, anime, and vocaloid remixes in North America, one of his major influences comes from the wide range of Japanese music and it’s producers based in Japan.

DJ Gnaw
DJ Gnaw: 12A.M. – 1A.M.

Since his debut at AnimeNext 2009, DJ Gnaw has been an unstoppable force of trance music. He is located in central New Jersey and studied in audio engineering at the Institute of Audio Research.  In the past DJ Gnaw has DJed at many Anime conventions from AnimeNext 2009 – 2015, MangaNext 2011-2012, and CPAC 2010-2011, 2013-2014. When he is not DJing, you may find him building Gundam Models and also cosplaying as a Gundam because chicks dig robots. DJ Gnaw has been honing his skills to improve his DJ abilities to perform the best show that any attendee will ever see. He plays everything from old school trance to new age EDM. In the end, DJ Gnaw will make you dance the night away. Stay Gold and remember: ” Love and Peace”.

Faith In Glitch
VDJ: Faith In Glitch

Having DJed at AnimeNext in 2012, and being the resident VJ for Otakon for the past 6 years, Faith in the Glitch is ready to unleash a live amv experience on your poor unsuspecting eyes. FitG is a mangled pixel-punk media destroyer, datamoshed anime ruiner, broken NES-cartridge rocker, epilepsy inducing crazed mad scientist of the RGB spectrum, viral visualist from the video underworld, live AMV alchemist, FitG with torture you with a turntable, and maim you with a mixer. Your ears will bleed technicolor opulence. VJ, DJ and producer, you can find more at and