Cosplay Prom

AnimeNEXT Totally Wicked 80’s Cosplay Prom – Dress Guidelines

The AnimeNEXT Totally Wicked 80’s Prom is a night right out of your favorite cult classics! 80’s themed clothing, 80’s prom clothing, and adaptations of your favorite cosplay in an 80’s style are strongly encouraged! Please note that only attendees who are wearing appropriately themed 80’s style costumes will be eligible for costume-related contests (which are to be announced).

The following restrictions do apply to all attending the AnimeNEXT Totally Wicked 80’s Cosplay Prom:

Not Allowed:

  • Clothing that drags on the floor and may present a tripping hazard (examples: trains, ribbons, etc)
  • Revealing/inappropriate clothing (as per the AnimeNEXT Code of Conduct)
  • Wings, armor, or other attachments that extend off the body
  • Any clothing or props that are not in accordance with the AnimeNEXT Code of Conduct

Need some dance lessons before the Prom?

Thinking about attending the Totally Wicked 80s Cosplay Prom? Not sure if you’ve got the 80s or ballroom moves down? Come join us for a dance lesson, led by Diana Hong! Diana is a dance teacher from the Philadelphia area who has taught ballroom and Latin dancing at the Upper Main Line YMCA, Zenkaikon 2014 -2019, Katsucon 2013-2019, and AnimeNEXT 2018. In the lesson, we’ll cover partner dancing that fits 80s music – cha cha, swing, rumba – and throw in a few 80s moves as well (who remembers Kid ‘n Play?). No prior dance experience needed; this will be a beginner-friendly experience! Dance lessons will be held on Friday evening, from 4:30PM until 6PM! No sign-ups necessary, but this event will be first come first serve.