Cosplay Game Shows

The AnimeNEXT Cosplay Game Shows are all about having fun with crazy character crossovers, while putting on an entertaining in-character cosplay show for our audience. We choose people based on their passion for their character, being comfortable acting in front of others, and what characters we feel will be most entertaining to watch.

The Game Shows are not a costume contest, so your costume doesn’t have to be the fanciest (though we LOVE seeing awesome costumes!), or even made by you. This is about the performance and having a good time, both for you and the audience!

The 18+ round is based on the game show Baggage, though the AnimeNEXT edition has no elimination until the final round.

Even though this is a fun improv event, we are very serious about keeping on schedule! Please only commit to participating if you are serious about arriving ON TIME (at least 25 minutes prior to the show time), or in case of an emergency, contacting us via text or the Facebook group to tell us you can’t come / will be late so we can plan accordingly.

If you are also interested in Cosplay Chess, you MUST fill out that form separately.

You may also fill out the Cosplay Game Shows Application directly.