Cosplay Chess

This year’s theme is ORDER VS CHAOS! As usual, the forces of chaos are trying to tear the world apart.

Will chaos reign, or will order prevail?

Paladins vs warlocks? Rogues vs Priestesses? Jedi vs Sith? Chaotic Good vs Lawful Good (or Evil?)? Chaotic characters vs organized / lawful characters of all kinds are welcome! What alignment will you fit into?

  • Submit up to 3 costumes for us to consider. If selected, we will let you know at least 3 weeks before the convention which character was chosen.
  • We have a Facebook group so all the chess pieces can coordinate and get to know each other. We’re also considering Discord this year, so vote for your favorite as you fill out the app below! (We’ll pick the more popular option.)
  • If you don’t have pics of your costumes yet, just send us what you have so far, even if it’s a work-in-progress (WIP).
  • Cosplay Chess usually takes place Sunday morning around 10 am. If you cannot attend or be awake in time for the event, please do not apply!
  • During the Cosplay Chess event itself, you’ll likely be standing in one place for long periods of time (up to two hours), so please be aware of this physical expectation.
  • When one chess piece takes another during the chess event, a short, light battle sequence takes place with no physical contact. We will be giving a safety talk about how to be careful while doing this. Your own physical ability and the kind of costume you are wearing will determine how much battling you can do, but do know you will be expected to act out battle poses and motions.
  • We’re here to have a good time and put on a good show for the audience! We want people who are enthusiastic to be their characters and are ready to be safe, follow directions, and have fun!

If you are also interested in the Dating Game or any of our other game shows, you MUST fill out that form separately as well.

You may also fill out the Cosplay Chess Application directly.