The AnimeNEXT Animé Music Video (AMV) Contest will be back once again for 2016! If you’ve ever wanted to test your editing mettle against editors from all over the world, or if you’ve ever just wished you could have your work shown on the big screen in front of hundreds of fans, here’s your chance. Here are the rules and entry form for this year; please read through these rules completely before submitting your entry!

AnimeNEXT 2016 AMV rules
Click here to enter the AMV contest

Entries must be received by April 30. All valid entries received on time (unless disqualified) will be shown at the convention, but there can only be two hours of finalists… which should be announced in mid-May. Do you have what it takes?

Last Year’s Winning AMVs

Coordinators’ Choice
“Captain DandEo” by “LC”_Lapen
Space Dandy
set to “We Are Here to Change the World” by Michael Jackson (from Captain EO)

“Say When” by Unlucky Artist
Various animé
set to “Everlong” by the Foo Fighters

“Awake to the Sky” by Rider4Z
Various Ghibli films
set to “Where No One Goes” by Jonsi (from How to Train Your Dragon 2)

Character Profile
“Pain Into Power” by Drabaz
Dragon Ball Z
set to “Superheroes” by The Script

“Journey of Life” by Matthew Tailby
Various animé
set to “Amelie” by Fytch, mixed with various speeches by Elliot Hulse

“The Fangirl Chronicle” by Celia Phantomhive
Watamote!, Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, and Free! Eternal Summer
set to “Far Too Close (Pegboard Nerds Remix)” by J.Viewz

“Chi & the Not So Company” by MycathatesyouAMV
Chi’s Sweet Home and various others
set to “Shut ’em Down” by Celldweller